Monday, October 24, 2005


What's better: Being happy or being successful? Can you be one without the other? I wonder sometimes if staying at home would really make me happy. Yes, I'd theoretically have time to do whatever I want but could I be happy without some objectively available standard of success? When you work, you know that even if you hate your job, you have some measure of success. But when work sucks, and puttering around the house seems like heaven on earth, is it really worth it to have that fleeting sense of gratification that comes from being perceived as a productive member of society?

Monday, October 03, 2005

we had a heck of a weekend, pedram and i. check out his blog for the complete (and i mean complete) blow-by-blow.

i woke up in a stunningly good mood this morning, considering it was a monday and work is utter chaos right now. even pedram's usual morning chirpiness didn't faze me. i was chirpy right back!

love that. how life can be totally random and happy for no reason sometimes. :)